Car Insurance FAQ’s

Car Insurance FAQ’s

What you don’t know about auto insurance can be costly. Here are some of the questions we hear most often from those seeking coverage or comparing rates.

Am I Required to Carry Auto Insurance by Law?

Every state has some form of financial responsibility law or law that requires drivers to have automobile insurance. You are not required to have full coverage, however, each state has minimum levels of coverage that are mandated for liability coverage.

If I File a Claim on My Auto Insurance, Will My Premiums Go Up?

Not necessarily. Your premiums will likely not increase if you are not at fault or if damage is minimum. It may increase if you are cited for an at-fault accident that causes significant damage or injuries.

What is High Risk Insurance?

Sometimes referred to as “non-standard insurance” in the industry, high risk auto insurance is for drivers who have been determined to pose a higher risk of becoming involved in an automobile accident. This may be due to repeated traffic offenses, too many points on a driving record or even getting a DUI. High risk auto insurance is significantly more expenses than an average policy.

Does Auto Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver?

Typically, automobile insurance follows the car not the person. This, however, may change depending on the policy and circumstances.

Does My Car Make & Model Affect Premiums?

Absolutely. Cars have different safety features, ratings, values, engines and other features that will impact rates. The cars age and likelihood of theft can also make a difference. 

Can Comparing Auto Insurance Rates Actually Save Me Money?

It may be the single best way to save on car insurance premiums. Differing companies offer rates that can vary widely. Others offer a variety of discounts. The best way to find out if you are over-spending on car insurance is to compare.

As an independent insurance agency, we have relationships with multiple companies. Our agents will go in search of the coverage you deserve at a price you can feel comfortable with. If you have any automobile insurance questions not covered here, or would like a free auto insurance review or price quote, we invite you to contact us. Let us do the shopping for you.

Be Confidently Insured.


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