Conquering Life’s Fears

Conquering Life’s Fears

Ask someone what their biggest fear is and you may get an answer like spiders, snakes, or heights. The truly big fears, however, may be deeper, like a fear of illness, death, poverty, or loneliness.

There are about as many ways to deal with fears as there are fears themselves. There is some consensus, however, from many experts on the best way to deal with your daily fears.

Admit or Acknowledge Your Fears

Ignoring your fear may be convenient, but it will never help you overcome it. The first step in defeating your fears is to admit you have them. Identify and acknowledge them.

Investigate Them

When you learn about your fears, you not only become more educated about them, but it can also help take some of the power away from them. Recognizing that spiders or snakes may be far more fearful of you than you are of them, or that your odds of dying in a car crash far exceed that of being killed in a plane crash, may help you be just a bit more rational in your fears.

Change Your Physical State

Fears can create physical changes in us. Taking control of those physical changes can help us deal with our fears. Aerobic exercise, pumping yourself up with a chest slap, meditation, and practicing mindfulness can all help. Even a few deep breaths can help calm nerves and help us reset.

Focus on the Results, not the Process

Think about the rewards associated with conquering your fears as opposed to what it takes to get through them. Wouldn’t it be terrific to actually enjoy flying, being in an elevator, or in large crowds? Defeating fears can lead to tangible, positive changes in your life.

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