The Rising Popularity of “Celebrations of Life”

The Rising Popularity of “Celebrations of Life”

The versatility and uses of the proceeds of life insurance have changed through the years. Once, just a basic way to help assure burial expenses would be covered, life insurance today helps protect income, mortgages and even college expenses. It, of course, is still used to cover final and burial expenses as well. But even those have changed through the years.

Today, cremations have exceeded traditional burials, and “Celebrations of Life” are becoming increasingly popular to recognize the deceased.

Rather than a somber, dark traditional final service, celebrations of life are a way to appreciate the life, accomplishments and loves of the departed in a more light, celebratory way.

Celebrations of life will often include contemporary music, some of which may have even seemed inappropriate just decades ago. They will frequently include touching, and even humorous slide shows and video presentations. These images may include slightly awkward or embarrassing images of the deceased with family and friends. These celebrations will usually include some form of recognition for a beloved hobby or sports team.

Eulogies will often be seasoned with funny and heartwarming stories and memories, resulting in both laughter and tears from those in attendance. Most of all, the atmosphere is generally lighted throughout a celebration of life than a traditional final service.

What doesn’t change with a celebration of life is the expense. There will still be final expenses, perhaps even including expensive medical costs. There will be the costs of the funeral director and the services they provide.

Funerals may change through the years, but life insurance will continue to play a critical role for those left behind. It can not only cover bills owed by the insured, but is a ready source of cash while an estate goes through probate. This can be a remarkable, caring gift to a loved one left behind.

If you aren’t sure of the amount of life insurance you have, or are unsure it is sufficient, contact us. As independent agents, we can review policies issued by any company. Our team of independent insurance professionals work with multiple companies in getting the best value for your budget.

Whether you are pre-planning for a traditional final service and burial, cremation or celebration of life, there will be expenses. Make sure you are properly covered by contacting us today.

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