Why Are Mountains and Beaches so Popular for Vacationers?

Why Are Mountains and Beaches so Popular for Vacationers?

Have you ever noticed there are two broad groups of people when it comes to spending their free time? Generally speaking, people either love the beach and water, or there are those who love the trees and mountains. Every year people save diligently just to get away for a week or two along a strand of sand somewhere. Then there are those who can’t wait to get up into a mountain hideaway.

While these two groups of people may seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, they probably have more in common than we think.

The Getaway

First, of course, is the thrill of the getaway. Just the thought of getting away from work or everyday life is all the motivation many need. Does the thought of sitting out on a rocking chair on the porch in the mountains bring you pleasant thoughts? Does imagining yourself on a beach chair give you peace of mind? Then you probably already know who you are and where you belong.

Fresh Air

Perhaps the biggest lure of either the mountains or beach is the clean fresh air. Whether the air is cleansed by the trees and vegetation or scrubbed by the ocean breezes, it has a similar attraction and rejuvenating effect. It is, in part, why we often sleep so much better while on vacation. Most people won’t note it as a reason but the fresh air is a big attraction for both types of vacations.

Mother Nature

Even if your vacation includes time at a crowded oceanside resort or a busy mountainside hotel, there is something about spending time in the mountains or along the beach that brings us closer to Mother Nature. It can be equally thrilling to spot a dolphin in the open water or see a deer in its natural surroundings that puts us in awe.

Proponents of the mountains will talk about the value of a cup of coffee in the hills as the sun rises. Those who love the beach will talk of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Whether it is a quiet walk in the woods or a romantic stroll along the beach, both have their obvious virtues. It is interesting, however, that while both have their appeal, most people favor one over the other.

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